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QBH Project

Monte Carlo event generator for quantum black hole production and decay in proton-proton collisions

This page describes the Monte Carlo event generator for quantum black hole production and decay in proton-proton collissions — QBH version 3.02.

Description of Generator

Quantum black holes are produced in proton-proton collisions and decay to two-particle final states. Electric charge, QCD colour, and spin are conserved, while baryon and lepton number need not be conserved. PYTHIA 8 is used for the initial- and final-state radiation, multiple interactions, final state parton showers, fragmentation, and decay processes. The QBH generator interaces to PYTHIA 8 using the Les Houches accord (LHA).

Paper Describing Model

arXiv:0912.0826v4 (J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 37 (2010) 105008)


arXiv:0911.5370v3 (Comput. Phys. Commun. 181:1917-1924, 2010)


The QBH generator is written entirely in C++ and now uses c++11. It interfaces only to PYTHIA 8. If the LHAPDF parton densities are required the LHAPDF libary must be linked. The generator has been tested with PYTHIA version 8.307 and LHAPDF version 6.4.0.


  • version 1.00 - initial version (PYTHIA8.130).
  • version 1.01 - fixed antineutrinos being added to event record for Majorana neutrinos (PYTHIA8.130).
  • version 1.02 - fixed spin couting in branching fractions (PYTHIA8.130).
  • version 1.03 - works with PYTHIA version 8.150 to 8.162.
  • version 1.04 - works with PYTHIA version 8.163 or 8.165.
  • version 1.05 - insert QBH parameters into Les Houches Event file.
  • version 1.06 - works with PYTHIA version 8.170 or 8.175.
  • version 1.07 - cleaned up handling of PDFs.
  • version 2.00 - new weighting strategy and bug fixes.
  • version 2.01 - works with PYTHIA version 8.180, 8.183, 8.186. Also tested with C++ verison of LHAPDF (6.1.4).
  • version 2.02 - bug fix in charge 0 state quark flavours.
  • version 2.03 - fixed version number in LHE file.
  • version 2.04 - fixed reading of trapped surface files.
  • version 3.00 - works with PYTHIA version 8.205. Tested with 8.209 and 8.210.
  • version 3.01 - works with PYTHIA version 8.244. Tested with LHAPDF 6.1.4.
  • version 3.02 - works with PYTHIA version 8.307. Tested with LHAPDF 6.2.0. Changed to use PYTHIA 8.3 shared pointers.


Doug Gingrich (gingrich@ualberta.ca)

Centre for Particle Physics
Department of Physics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1
Vancouver, BC B6T 2A3